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1. What type of materials does Golis Machine work with?

We machine Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, as well as the standard and exotic materials.

2. Do you have a lot of experience with high temp and exotic materials?

Yes, we specialize in Inconel, Wasploy, Hastx, A-286, Titanium, Carbide, Kovar, Hastelloy, Inconel, Carpenter 49, Glass Filled Plastics as well as many other materials.

3. What is the typical part size you manufacture?

Most of our parts can be picked up and fit in the palm of your hand.

4. What size material can you handle?

The lathes can handle bar size up to 2 ½ “ through the spindle and hand chuck up to 5”.
The mills can handle up to a 12” square part.

5. Do you have the capabilities to do 5-axis milling?

Yes, we have two 5-axis machining centers: A Matsura MAM 72-42V and a Willemin W-408B which specializes in smaller parts (medical parts for example).

6. Can you take care of the heat treating and plating of my parts?

We are able to do your parts complete including handling the heat treat, plating, FPI, painting, etc.  We can send your parts out to our approved vendors with which we work hand in hand.

7. Do you do part marking?

Yes, we do two different types of part marking in house; Electrochemical Marking and Dot Peen Marking.

8. What is a typical tolerance of your parts?

We typically hold +.001” but we can hold +.0001”.

9. Is your company certified and registered ISO?

We have taken the next big step and accomplished an AS9100 Certification which goes above and beyond our ISO Certification.

10. What is the typical lead time for a job?

6 – 8 weeks is a typical lead time. Call us! The best thing to do is to give us a call and we will talk it over and give you the most accurate lead time available.  All jobs are unique and require careful analysis, evaluation and quoting to save you time and money.

11. Do you do prototypes?

Not typically. We specialize in close tolerance repeat jobs.  We like to work with companies that need the same part month after month, year after year.  We work with your schedule to keep your inventory full.  We will only do prototypes if it leads to repeat jobs.

12. I heard that it is a good thing to be flexible with your manufacturing…can you explain?

Each of our horizontal CNC mills has 11 pallets that we can leave set up and ready for your job.  This way, when you are in need of more parts, we can quickly make your parts and avoid your monthly repeat set up cost.

13. I see you have a Wire EDM machine. What is that used for?

We use our wire EDM machine to support and enhance the capabilities of our other machining departments.  It is extremely precise and versatile. It is possible to cut small odd-shaped angles, detailed contours, and cavities in hardened stainless steel as well as exotic metals. The possibilities are endless!

14. Do you have a capacity plan?

Yes, we schedule all work orders using Infor’s Visual Manufacturing.  Forward scheduling with finite resources give us a real accurate measure of getting your parts done on time.

15. Why don’t you list your customers on your website?

We have confidentiality agreements with all our customers.  I can tell you that we are direct suppliers to many big customers like GE and Woodward Governor Company. We also support a lot of smaller shops as well. Our largest customer only consumes 25% of our workload.