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  • 1 - Tsugami BU26 Combination Turret and Gang Slide Swiss Automatic 9 Axes Lathe (1" capacity). 15hp main spindle, 7.5 hp sub-spindle with through feed capability, C Axes Main & Sub, 9-Axes including X1, X2, Y1, Y2, Z1, Z2, Z3, and C1 & C2.
  • 1 - Nakamura  WY-100 II, 7 Axis Twin Turret, Twin-Spindles (2" through the spindle). Live tooling with C-Axis and double Y-Axes with Double Milling Motor. LNS auto bar feeder, high pressure coolant.
  • 1 - Nakamura  WT-100 MMY, 7 Axis Twin Turret, Dual Spindles (1-5/8" through the spindle). Live tooling with C-Axis and Y-Axes. LNS auto bar feeder, high pressure coolant.
  • 1 - Eurotech TA-20-YS-640 CMZ (2-1/2" through the spindle) 15 station turret, Sub-spindle, Live Tooling (12,000 rpm) with C-Axis and Y-Axis, High Pressure coolant, LNS auto bar feeder. 
  • 1 - Hardinge Quest 10/65SP (Super-Precision) with HydroGlide (2-1/2” through the spindle) 16 station turret, Sub-spindle, Live Tooling with C-Axis and Y-Axis. The Quest is a Multi-Tasking and Hard Turning CNC Lathe.
  • 1 - Hardinge Quest RS 51 MSY (Super-Precision) (2” through the spindle) 16 station turret, Sub-spindle, Live Tooling with C-Axis and Y-Axis.
  • 1 - Wasino Model J5 Large-Size CNC Turret Lathe, equipped with a quick, built in robot loader. This is a fully automated turning system that delivers reliable accuracy in high-volume production.
  • 1 - Wasino Model J3 Mid-Size CNC Turret Lathe, equipped with a quick, built in robot loader. This is a fully automated turning system that delivers reliable accuracy in high-volume production.
  • 1 - Wasino Model LJ-1 Small-Size CNC Lathe, equipped with a quick, built in robot loader. This is a fully automated turning system that delivers reliable accuracy in high-volume production.
  • 1 - Hardinge Conquest T42 Big Bore   (2” through the spindle ) precision computer controlled lathe with tailstock. 12 Station turret, 12’ Hydro barfeed and high-pressure Coolant.
  • 1 - Hardinge Cobra 51 (2” through the spindle ) precision computer controlled lathe with tailstock. 12 station turret, LNS auto bar loader.
  • 1 - Hardinge Quest CHNC 42 (1-5/8" through spindle) with removable 8 station turret plates for quick setup of repeat work. LNS bar feeder.
  • 4 - Tsugami Lighting FMA3 Horizontal super high speed precision flexible machining cell with 11 pallets, 10,000 rpm spindle.  Capable of accurate unmanned machining of small-and medium-size parts with minimal non-cutting time.
  • 1 - Matsuura MAM72-42V 5-Axis Machining Center with 5 pallets, 15,000 rpm spindle, 240 position tool magazine.
  • 1 - Willemin W-408B 5-Axis Bar-Fed Machining Center with automatic back working device, 30,000 RPM spindle, 24 positions tool magazine. This machine is ideal for small and complex part processing in a single cycle from bar stock.
  • 1 - Kitamura Vertical Milling Center Mycenter 3XG with high speed (7 second) 2 station pallet changer, 15,000 rpm spindle, 18” x 30” table travel and 30 Tool Magazine.
  • 1 - Charmilles Robofil 230 submerged Wire EDM, with a maximum part dimensions 31.5” x 21.65” x 8.66” and travel in X, Y, Z of 13.78” x 8.66” x 8.66. Capable of cutting 30 degree angles with wire sizes ranging in diameters from .004 to .012.
  • 2 - Brown & Sharpe Automatic Coordinate Measuring Machines. (CMM) with PC-DMIS and scanning
  • 1 - Brown & Sharpe Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • 1 - OGP SMARTSCOPE FLASH 200 computerized automatic video measuring system.
  • 1 - Keyence IM-7000 Image Meassurement video measuring system.
  • 1 - TESA Scan 50 Plus
  • 1 - OGP Top Bench Contour Projector.
  • 1 - Nikon Model 20 Measure Scope

CNC Machining

Your parts will be machined on our CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) work centers comprised of some of the finest mills, lathes and EDM. When choosing what equipment to offer our customers, we have to think of the wide variety of parts that could possibly come our way.

Specializing in parts that can be picked up in one hand, we offer machining that is extremely accurate.  We offer machines that can make accurate parts; from your basic 2-axis round lathe blank, all the way to the complicated micro machining of medical parts requiring 5-axis milling.

If your need is to find a supplier that can fill your Kanban pull bucket (inventory replacement system) when your inventory gets low, we have the answer. We have the ability to leave your job set up on one of our horizontal milling machines with a pallet pool of roughly 100 pallets, and make what you need, right when you need it. Being flexible requires machines that are flexible, can be left set up, do more per set up and are also accurate and reliable.

EDM Machining (Electrical Discharge Machining)

Wire EDM Machining (also known as Spark EDM) is an electro thermal production process in which a thin single-strand metal wire (usually brass) in conjunction with de-ionized water (used to conduct electricity) allows the wire to cut through metal by the use of heat from electrical sparks. Wire EDM can easily machine complex parts and precision components out of hard conductive materials. It is possible to cut small odd-shaped angles, detailed contours, and cavities in hardened steel as well as exotic metals. Our EDM machine is a top choice for wire edm. It has superior reliability, is extremely versatile and has precision capabilities, as well as ease of maintenance. We can manufacture intricate parts for you accurately every time.


Over 35+ years of precision machining experience has included manufacturing a broad range of materials. We purchase and machine all types of stainless, titanium, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, plastics and exotic materials as per customer’s specs, (all from major suppliers and certification upon request).  We also machine customer supplied materials including castings and forgings. We will help you with all your machining problems. We can work with parts that require special needs such as high temps, tight tolerances and special materials. We pride ourselves on our service and commitment to deliver the highest quality at the best prices possible. We are dedicated to meeting your delivery schedule requirements with courtesy and reliability.

Our Team

Every department (Lathes, Mills, Finishing and QC) has high quality technicians that excel in their jobs. Since the majority of the Golis Machine team has been with the corporation 10 years or longer, a vast amount of experience and “know-how” can be focused on your particular machining needs. Our production crew has created a well integrated organization which reflects a total pride in a job “well-done.” Our machining facility consists of more than 10 machinists, programmers, set-up technicians and operators, running CNC machines. These include multi axis machines ranging from 2-axis up to 5-axis mill-turn machines. Another of the major assets – customer relations – receives as much attention as any other facet of our business. We are undeniably proud of this relationship; it is an important part of our reward for being in business. Meet our team!

Robo Crib 2000

We currently have a crib-master inventory management system in our facility. The Robo Crib 2000 is an innovative carousel style industrial vending solution. Its benefits include tooling distribution, tracking, and password secured access that prevents incorrect usage. The internet-linked software allows for flexible automatic reordering and resupply. The machine helps maximize manufacturing efficiency by eliminating stock outages, which decreases machine down time. The Robo Crib 2000 helps us make sure the tooling is always available to finish your jobs on time, without delay.

Finishing Department

Every part comes through the Finishing Department and is viewed using powerful scopes. Each part is carefully inspected and finished by hand to achieve the overall desired finish. We effectively and efficiently ensure part compliance to our customer’s specifications and we can handle the most complex features. Through years of experience, we have developed, perfected and recorded our methods for each individual job in our finishing department thus insuring that your parts are always made to your exact specifications whenever you reorder parts from Golis. We also provide a complete solution for precision beyond machining and hand finishing. We can take care of your needs for:
  • Honing
  • Surface grinding
  • Electro-marking
  • Peen marking
  • Bead blasting
  • Centrifugal vibratory finishing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Heat treating
  • Plating

Shipping Department

Careful handling and special packaging is crucial in our shipping department. Your parts will be carefully and securely packaged for safe transportation. Special trays and boxes are selected for each unique part. For your convenience and peace of mind, tracking is automatically provided on all shipments from our door to yours.